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Birth chart Reading

The Lines on your Palm mean more than you think. Have a Professional Palmist Predict The Future Through Your lines Today 

Palm Readings

Relationship Reading

Tarot Reading

Each tarot card reading is unique and individual And will reveal AnswersTo all life's questions

yearly Transit Reading

Chakra Evaluation 

Chakra's are the seven energy centers That project and intercept vibrations Continuously. Having a chakra evaluation Will reveal One's True Self . Connecting you to you're deeper spiritual being

Crystal Energy Reading

working through energy and aura, creating a link between you and your reader, and giving them a peek into what makes you, you. 

Life Coaching 

 Sessions are available in 30 minutes or one hour intervals

By appointment  only Leading And guiding you in All aspects of


Love Relationship Consultations

Before you get too invested in a romance wouldn't it be nice to know How much potential you have as a couple. this reading can help by giving you the deepest insight and answering all your most pressing questions regarding relationships 

For A Reading Or Consultation

Book an Appointment with one of Our Psychic's

1215 connecticut Ave .N.W


Established  1989

10 am Till 10 pm daily

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